Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And then there is Petrol

Ahh ..Life has been so busy( Yeah..I was being chased by beautiful exotic women that I really couldn’t find the time to give them all the attention and then find time for blogging as well!!) for the last two years that I really am not very sure of what all I missed the most because I’ve got a pretty huge list and that starts from Blogging. Its great to see though ,that most of the blogs that I had been following two years back are still going strong.

Well, some things never change. Two years back, I felt that I might not do shifts at work, there might be lesser mosquitoes at Kochi and for some unknown alien reason I also felt Petrol prices would come down. Two years later I realized that I still do shifts at Work and to my utter dismay I also realized, that mosquitoes at Kochi do the same shifts that I do and yes,last week saw the steepest hike in petrol prices in India for more than a decade. So, I guess that pretty much sums up my forecasting abilities so to speak. I don’t know, maybe the banks can now come up with Petrol loans for its customers much like Personal loans, Education loans, Home loans ..you know. The criteria could be something like the model of the car you own, average petrol consumption per year, annual salary and once you get the loan, hire a driver who can steal petrol !!

Allright, true to my character I was having one of those meaningless and absolutely useless conversations with my friend Hyder ( We have shared so much conversations of similar nature over the years that both of us have a lot of mutual admiration for each other). So I was letting Hyder know that I had offered prayers in all places of religious importance for the Diesel hike to happen as well since he owned a diesel vehicle and because he was sadistically happy in knowing that I would spend more for petrol. It went something like this :-

Me:- da, I hope for your sake that the diesel price hike happens pretty fast as well because I just can’t stand the sight of you being happy and at peace

Hyder:- I am sure God has other better businesses to attend to. Moreover God only helps those who help themselves.Lets write a letter to the Honorable Prime Minister to subsidize petrol rates according to vehicles. For Two wheelers like bikes give it at 40Rs/litre and for car’s and other heavy vehicles lets give it at 140 Rs/litre.

Me:- and what is that supposed to do?

Hyder:- Then we can buy the petrol at 40Rs/litre and fill it in the bikes and then transfer it to the cars!!

Me:- Brilliant!! You should try admissions to IIM..they might take you in as their guest lecturer.

Hyder:- Don’t worry yaar..even though the price of petrol is increased, its not that your average petrol consumption is decreased. Cheer up ..All is not lost!!

PS:- We went out for a movie after that in his vehicle as its diesel!!! (Smart )

PPS:- I had to pay for the tickets and refreshments ( Not very smart)