Monday, July 6, 2009


I have always loved dogs. As they say, there is no one who appreciates a conversation the way a dog does: because what ever you tell him, it always licks you. I have a dog and absolutely adore it. My sister adores him even more and the adoration has even reached to an extent where she at times, mistakes me for the dog and calls me chippy.

I guess, we had similar minded neighbors who loved dogs and yes, cats as well. So we had a situation where in a stray dog gave birth to 5 puppies and a cat gave birth to 4 kittens at my neighbours place. They were kind enough to feed all of them regularly. Now they moved out and all the 5 puppies and 4 kittens moved out as well. Only that, they moved to our place.

It all happened very quickly ; I mean just come to our house any of these days and you will see a mini zoo! You have dogs and the puppies having a gala time and so are the kittens .All of then enjoying themselves. We tried different methods in getting all of them out because frankly it was getting quite tiresome . Needless to say, all efforts were in vain: 5 puppies and 4 kittens are still there. So I was sharing my sorrow with a friend of mine and asking her any new techniques to get all of them out of the house. She gave me a completely different response. She was telling me “Che! Rohit , paapam kittum, you should never hunt those animals away . They might be your ancestors who are reborn .So you should take good care of them” Even though she said that with a lot of purity at heart, I couldn’t help thinking that “my great grandfathers are now dogs and cats ?”

Last month, One of the dogs got hit by a bike on the road and was severely wounded. Though I felt sad at the sight, my emotions were restricted to that; sad. It couldn’t even move as it was unable to even lift its back leg and so was crawling its way in pain from the road to our house. Just by looking at it, it was quite obvious that the dog wouldn’t last long and that it was just a matter of time. If ever there was an instrument that could measure compassion levels in humans, I have a strong feeling that my sister would top the charts. Her dedication and sincerity in taking care of that stray dog had to be seen to be believed. There was so much concern when the dog was not showing signs of improvement and so much relief when it finally showed some good signs. The dog is now able to move better and is healthier..bless my sis !

PS:-In between, Because of compulsion from my sis I approached various institutions like SPCA in Trivandrum and nobody bothered to help(Guess Menaka Gandhi is busy trying to protect her son). Intrestingly, I also met a lady in Trivandrum(Saramma) who runs a similar trust for stray animals(if I can use that term) called “Action for distressed animals” in Thirumala, Trivandrum. When I went there, I figured that the lady needs more help in taking care of the animals.