Thursday, May 8, 2014

Defying Logic ?

The phases of inconsistency have continued with my blogging and here's another attempt at being consistent. I am refraining from using the popular line "I am back" as a friend of mine politely corrected me that you cannot make a comeback when you haven't been anywhere at the first place! I took that in the right spirit though it was completely coincidental that while he was walking past me, I accidentally tripped him with my leg. You know how bad things happen to good people...

So its pouring heavily here in Kerala now and quite ironical too on the day when there is a Strike called against the Supreme Court verdict on the Mullaperiyar dam dispute between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Yeah ..we lost and when we loose, we call for a strike. I am amazed at the ease with which Kerala goes on strikes. (Though Today's was more or less restricted to one district) I don't want to sound insensitive about the issue at hand, but you don't go around striking against a supreme court judgement. You go for a review petition and then, hire a better lawyer! That is what we are doing now, but then how can we forget, we have to strike too!!. Its like when you buy the fridge, the Microwave Oven comes along with it. You don't have a choice, you better take the damn Oven ! Defying Logic ?