Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Television advertising started about 60 years ago and advertisers and advertising agencies soon grasped the magnitude of this powerful medium. Companies realized that branding could be taken to the next level as, cleverly thought out creative commercials could easily connect with the average consumer. Moreover, commercials have the advantage of associating a product or service with emotions such as trust, reliability, prestige, ease of use,,desire, envy ,pride so on and so forth.

Vodafone and Bajaj have always been my favorites when it comes to commercials. The zoo zoo ads(Vodafone) have been a phenomenal success and infact they are the most watched ad’s in youtube and even have a fan following in face book. I saw another commercial couple of days back for the Bajaj Discover bike and I thought that was a pure delight. They have started their advertising campaign under the theme of “Discover India with the power of 1 litre” and currently have three TV commercials under this campaign which are being aired now. The Ad’s talk about the bike’s mileage(100kms/litre) which enables the consumer to explore little known places in India. I have seen a couple of their ad’s and instantly connected to it. Like for example one of their ad's have a guy riding the bike, discover a place called Mathur about 100 kms from Mysore, where the local language is Sanskrit. Another one had the guy in the bike discover a place in India about 100 kms from Ladakh where you don’t need fuel to run the bike because of the presence of a Magnetic hill. These are fascinating pieces of information that I was completely unaware off before I saw this commercial. I am assuming that I am not the only one around with a poor GK and that this would be new information to many. A lot of credit has to be given to the creator of the ad for the concept purely because of the ad’s ability to connect with the brand in a unique manner.

Creative advertising not only aims at selling a particular product or service but also connecting the vision of the company with its consumers. It should be able to penetrate the public mind with information and desire.


Sreeraj said...

thanks for this info man, I googled Mathur and thats right, they speak Sanskrit at their home. :)
About the other ads, my favourite line is an ad of Maggi 2-minute noodles. They say something to the effect, "In the last 25 years of marketing, all we have asked you is for just 2 minutes".

Swapna said...

Ro..I have not seen the ad yet but a very informative post and nicely drafted. I dint know that there was a place in India where Sanskrit is still the primary!..I mean WOW!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Mathur information was so interesting. Didn't know about the Magnetic Hill either. Wow, what awesome, interesting ad snippets. There are very few informative ads. Your post got me thinking seriously about the lack of informative ads. Take chocolate ads, they get endorsed by celebrities and make no sense at all. Worse, they are misleading. Take watch ads. How educative it could be if it instils in viewers important aspects about being punctual, growing success by respecting time and not just because Aamir Khan or Rani Mukherjee wears it. Do you get what I am trying to say?

Still, I've got to say that some ads are so irritating or in poor taste even if they seem popular. I think you should write more on this and not leave it. All the best!

Meira said...

I also like the new detergent (rin I think) ad where a school going kid on bicycle retorts to a well dressed man in a car. Ads are getting better. Well, some of them

Rohit said...


Thanks for your visit doode..hope to see you around often. yeah, the maggi ad's seems to have been there since ages and thats a pretty cool quote :)


hey I am happy that I was able to share new info to the journalist herself ;)


Yeah, there are lots of ad's which are geting celebrity dependant rather than idea dependent. The answer to "why should I buy your product" seems to be restricted to "because Amir khan or Rani uses it". Its admist all these ad's, that Vodofone and bajaj ads for me, stands out.


yup..I hear you..I've seen that one. The kid actually gets the ad to work

007 said...

I've seen the Bajaj Ad ..and that is a seriously informative ad. Infact their website has pretty decent snippets which I think are updated everyday.

hey welcome back after a loong seem to be on a roll..2 post in 4 days ?? hmmm..kya baat hain?..Lage Raho :)

Vivek Prasannan said...

Great blog rohit. It's so refreshing to read your style without all the business jargons. I should've been here much earlier :-) and hey I didn't know you knew swapna!

Rohit said...


Yup.hey is that ad available in youtube now? I did search ,,but with no luck. and yes, I checkd their website, it does get updated evryday for that piece of info :)

Rohit said...


Thanks so much Vivek:)Lolz yeah..without the business jargons. Which Swapna are you referring to Vivek. Let me know.

Vinod said...

da..nice to ur post after a long time. Mathur ad is an amazing one no doubt. I connected to the ad instantly as well. Magnetic hill?? haven't seen that one ..will keep an eye open for that.

One more thing, "kind sir, can plz be a bit more regular with your postings?"

Insignia said...

Few ads are so creative and makes so much of sense and a delight to watch, like the Bajaj ad and the ZooZoos

I knew about Mathur, but I didnt know about the magnetic hill. I was really amazed by that natural wonder that exists in our country. Reminds me of 'Mystery Spot near Santa Cruz, California.

Its a major tourist attraction. But the Magnetic Hill seems unnoticed. We go ga-ga over some things not realizing we do have such wonders in our own country. True eye-opener the ad is.

At the same time, few ads are so senseless, hopeless, but lets ignore the, :-)

Oops, first time here but my comment is pretty long. Apologies!

Rohit said...


Thanks Vinod.yeah magnetic hill..debatable on the logic part ..i mean, if you really must debate..lolz..but pretty much existing. Oh yes..O noble prince, I would try my best :)


Thanks for stopping by ..hope to see you around often and I love lengthy comments :)Hey your analogy to the mystery spot is spot on ..very much similar to our magnetic hill..

Sreejith Kumar said...

Yes, I also like the Bajaj and Vodafone ads. But my all-time favourites are the Mastercard ads.. "There are some things money can't buy..."

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

oh yes the discover india ad was too good...bajaj always makes good ads...remember the old bajaj ad...naye bharat kii bulan tasweer humara bajaj, humara bajaj.