Monday, September 28, 2009


As an ardent admirer of outdoor sports, I am really happy to know that sports in Kerala will atlast be getting its due importance. Considering that Kerala has been churning out world class athletes consistently over the years keeping in mind the lack of class facilities, infrastructure and support is a huge achievement in itself. The ray of hope comes in the form of a new decision taken by Education Minister M A Baby and Sports and youth affairs minister M Vijayakumar. On November 1st 2009, Kerala will become the first state in the country to include sports and physical education as part of the school curriculum.

Lets give credit where its due. I think this is a fantastic move to encourage sports at a very young age because sports in general not only helps build character in a person but also help the child deal with failures as sports, always is a great leveler. You have good and bad days at sports. The major challenge here will be the availability of facilities and infrastructure. Well, its one thing to arrive at a decision and completely different responsibility to back up the decision with resources.

I hope the govt sticks to its decision this time and we start seeing it getting implemented unlike lots of other unkept promises. If nothing else, the move will ensure that we have happier and healthier children .


007 said...

Hey Ro..welcome back! A post after a loooong break is it ? Agree 100%..its a wonderful move ..but as always depends whether the govt would have the will to be at it consistenetly. There has been so many so called wonderful moves which have been initiated in the recent past that are now stagnating. Hope this one just dosen't adds on to that list.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Informative and interesting post. It's a very growth oriented move and I just hope it encourages more and more truly talented kids to embrace this opportunity and make it a success.

When I was growing up, I knew lots of talented players who were either not supported by their parents as they wanted their kids to be doctors or their financial situation was such that they couldn't possibly have afforded training. A move like this would mean so much to unveil the latent talent in Kerala.

All the best to the Kerala govt for this move!

Rohit said...


Ya Anand..been a while :) Thats teh catch isint it? Hope this dosen't stagnate.


Thanks for your comment. Truly encouraging move to begin with atleast. Yes, talent if not nurtured properly will fade off with time. I guess, with this move, the mindset of parents and teachers hopefully would change and sports and physical education will have to be given its share of recognition and importance. If we manage to do that, thats half the battle won :)

scorpiogenius said...

I'm skeptical as to how successful it will be.. We have close to zero facilities for Sports development and unless it is rectified we will keep on producing average players.

Rohit said...


True..will have to wait and find out whether it would get the desired result because as you said, facilities or rather the lack of it remains a major concern. I am just counting on the law of averages ..after all those incomplete laws and policies, atleast this one should work out :)