Wednesday, November 18, 2009


“24 women commited suicide in Cochin. The reason being I had switched off my mobile for a short duration of time.” Right!! Now that’s One of those sample Goodmorning SMS’s that I receive everyday in the morning between 06:00am and 08:00am without fail from one of my friends, Thambi. Alarm clocks, Cell phone alarms, buzzers or any other electronic gadgets are usually incapable of waking me up in the morning, but Thambi’s sms’s invariably wakes me up even if I had kept my cell phone in silent mode..Dont ask me how! But then again, it was one of those days where I was thankful to the SMS which woke me up as I had to meet an old friend of mine who had returned from US and we had to meet at this so called Discotheque/pub/bar.

Ok..So we met up. After the customary bear hug(which almost crushed my bones and caused the normal respiration process a few problems) and the mutual exchange of swear words, ( The meaning of some of those words are unknown to both of us, but the sheer sincerity in our voice added with our expertise in intonation, made those words sound terrible..Mission accomplished) we settled down to have some beer..some sanity atlast. My friend is not a philosopher but then the amount of beer entering his body is directly proportional to his philosophy. Lets just say that he gets philosophically enlightened as and when mugs of beer is gulped down his throat and he gets visions on the purpose of life and its inner meaning. All that said about my friend, he’s a lot of fun to talk to and be with me.

So after a few mugs of beer, I could just sense that My friend wasn’t really listening to me..I mean we were having a conversation on whether ISRO’s discovery of water on the moon was really valid or not. I could see no reason on why he or for that matter anyone, should not be listening to such path breaking, intellectually stimulating and brain enriching conversations. But anyways, that’s besides the point ..the point was, there was this song playing in the background “Masti ki paathshala” and we could also see a few disinterested souls dancing to that tune. All of a sudden my friend turns to me and says “ machu! This is not happening da..nammuku policham!..( Lets break it ..literal translation) come..lets do the paathshaala!! “..which ofcourse in English means, lets dance! As soon as he uttered those magic words, I went through the following emotions/reactions :-

1. Shivers went through my spine
2. Absolute look of horror in my eyes
3. Anxiety, nervousness, tenseness, uneasiness, apprehension, worry, distress,
4. Despair, hopelessness, gloom, glumness, sadness, unhappiness, grief,sorrow, woe, misery.

Oh..I forgot to mention Anger, contempt and disgust. My friend was pulling me with all his strength to the so called dance floor. I not only used my hands but also wrapped my legs around the table from being pulled to the floor. But then ..all in vain. So here we are, both of us on the dance floor. Lets just say that dancing cannot be counted as “strengths” where both us were concerned. I am better, because I would like to believe that I am athletically good..which would mean that I can run faster and jump higher. Masti ki paathshalla was still on and all of sudden I realize that my friend was furiously rotating his hands and hips and jumping 360 degrees in between. Peer pressure is something that I hate, and so I had to do something fast. I started off by showing traffic signals which would indicate “Stop”, “Move on”, “Stop again..bump ahead” and then on to ducking imaginary bouncers thrown at me by Shoaib Akhtar. In this short span of time, we managed to grab the attention of other fellow dancers who I guess, had already developed an inferiority complex by then and had decided to stop and watch the masters show them how to do it.

Then the most incredible thing after the discovery of water on the moon happened. My friend had this vision that both of us may be making a fool of ourselves on the floor and that its time to stop the dance and allow our fellow dancers some much needed respite to get out of the inferiority complex (its ok guys, not everybody are as gifted!)
Long story short..(alright it was never short..but then still u know..) we bearhugged, exchanged swear words and parted.

P.S :- Love you brother..

P.P.S:- I will email you the post only after you reach US.


Abhilash said...

ha ha... Nice one.

So moon and water caused all these things... :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

This was so funny! Of course, I think you guys gave the others enough entertainment more than inferiority complex but hey, all's well that ends well, so enjoy!

007 said...

hahaa..I think I know this friend of your's as he would be our mutual friend and he's leaving to US only next week. Dont worry ..I'll pass on this post to him.(*Evil Laugh*)ROFL on the traffic signal dance!

Ketan said...

Hello Rohit!

Totally enjoyed reading this! Especially, ducking bouncers and traffic signal gestures! LOL!

Take care.

Rohit said...

@ Abhilash

Coming to think of it..YES! The entire blame lies on ISRO if there wasn't enough water on earth ..hmmm


Yeah..see how generous and kind hearted we are..inspite of providing all that entertainment..we dint charge those people a single penny!..

My freind, my dear, sincere, loyal, trustworthy freind!..please don't do that...I know he's leaving only next week to US..dont't play the traitor here..this is definetly not the time nor teh situation...heheee

@ Ketan

Thanks for your visit dude..hope to see you around often :)yeah .the funny thing about those gestures was that, we dint feel that was even remotely funny at that time..infact we felt that those were genuine dance moves which only the gifted and spontaneous ones could perform..

HaRy!! said...

traffic signal signs were lol !!! and now i hav heard that msg somewhere!


007 said...

lol! A few more superlatives in describing me wouldn't do you any harm and besides, I like it when people praise me. Not that you haven't done a good job of it alreday, but you know I am kinda hard to please. So if you really dont want me to email this to "our " freind..juts put a bit more effort.(EVIL LAUGH..aint I enjoyin this)

Sreeraj said...

hahaha.. I imagined you doing the traffic signal and ducking the bouncers..

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

traffic signal dance...nw thts smethng i have gained expertise in. Good 1 boss :)

Insignia said...

Hahahaha....was it water in the moon or the beers that did it? Traffic signal dance!!! Where did you learn it and how much did they charge you? :-P

Anonymous said...

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Rohit said...
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Rohit said...

@ Sreeraj

Hey..loong time doode! thanks for the comments :)


Thanks :) much are you learning by just visiting the blog ..hehee

Blaming it on ISRO for discovering water on the moon. I am a natural at those kind of me...lolz.How much did they charge me ?? I dint pay, he did . Being the cheapo that I am, I convinced my friend that recession is more in India than in the US and that he has to pay ;)

@ Anonymous
Thanks for teh link . But I just now realized that I won the Microsoft lottery when I checked my emails. It said that I won a whopping 1.5 Million pounds. So I decided that I won't work anyways. So if you need any money, plz email me your account details.

Rohit said...

@ Harry

Thanks dude :) Yeah ..thats kind common isin't it?.when you can't dance, always show the signs ;)


Blackmailer! ..Am gonna tatoo the words "plz don't " on your head!

Heera said...

Good one...understanding u better