Saturday, November 21, 2009


Raj Thackrey
We Really don’t care if the chicken crossed the road as long as it’s a marathi chicken and it knows how to cuckoo in marathi.

Madhu Koda
No! the chicken never crossed the road! Show me proof that there was a chicken that ever crossed the road. Baseless Allegations!...The chicken is lying.

Barrack Obama
Yes! We can ! If today, a chicken can cross the road, so too can we , tomorrow. Yes, we can. Yes, we can change. Yes, we can.

Hu Jintao
Oh..That road was already ours, so the chicken dint need to cross the road at the first place.

That is excellent news indeed! Lets erect a few monuments and memorial sites in honour of the chicken that crossed the road.

Rahul Gandhi
That’s just a start. We need more and more young chickens who would cross the road. I dream of an India where all chickens can cross the road safely.

Shashi Tharoor
Oh yeah?..what’s with the world.??.first it was the about the cattle and now its about the chicken..and btw..I paid for my chicken.

HR Executive
I am the one who's asking the questions here. You tell me.

Operations Manager
WHAT??? the chicken crossed the road? are fired!

Remo Fernandes
Chickennnnnnn….hjut hjuytr dertu gty jk! Yutr wioqg zsadlp tyerui aqerwill ?

• err..sorry don’t ask me to translate what Remo said, I dint understand either*

Shahrukh Khan
So what if it crossed the road?? Now, even if the chicken is detained at the other end of the road for a few hours, that’s fine. Why is it getting so sensationalized by the media? And I have no movies with chickens ..

Kevin Rudd
We welcome all chickens crossing the road. We even have new policies for chickens who are crossing the road. All chickens will be safe, I assure you.

Bill Clinton
What??? I was never with THAT chicken the other night! And I crossed the road alone.

Asif Ali Zardari
We have concrete proof that there is India’s involvement in the chicken crossing the road and we will present the evidence at an appropriate time.

Jagjit Singh
You should have advised the chicken to first look to its left, then right and to its left again before crossing the road.

Robin Sharma
The chicken was just following its dream. You know all chickens have dreams and it was just the inner urge in that chicken that made it cross the road. I urge all the chickens to cross the road.

Rakhi Sawant
No one told me that the chicken was going to cross the road and that the media was supposed to cover it. Can you ask the chicken to cross the road again ..and this time inform me prior!

RAW(Research and Analysis wing)
We have more than enough reason to believe that there is a chicken somewhere and we are still contemplating on whether it has plans to cross the road.

Glad you asked me. I just wanted to get to the other side of the road.

P.S:- I pass this on to anybody who finds this interesting to try it out on their space:) Any takers?


Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

This was a truly bull's eye comedy! Can't stop grinning coz those characters are all true to life, especially with those awesome dialogues. We want more of this, puhleeez!

Try other styles too like MGR, Sachin Tendulkar, Mandira Bedi, Kapil Sibal, Barkha Dutt etc. said...

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007 said...

Too good! LOL at RAW, Robin sharma, Madhu koda and Raj Thackrey :)

Rajlakshmi said...

That was hillarious ROFL..LOLzz loved ur take on various celebrities... Hmm think i would try to :)

vimmuuu said...

Wow...Loved this!! you had all those celebrities dialogues by-heart or what ? :D :D :D :D

Donno if I can do justice to this, but yes, I would want to try atleast ! :D

Poornima said...

This is so very nice!! keep it rolling.loved each instance

Rohit said...


Thanks so much for your comments..glad you liked it :) Other styles??..maybe should come up with a part -2.."chichen continues crossing the road" ;)

Thanks dude:)

Rohit said...


Thanks so much :)look forward to the same in your space


Welcome to Square cut :) Hope to see you around often. By heart?? nah..thats hard work..I'm not used to that u know ..instead I had these small chits of paper that u carry illegally for exams ..yeah that kind with me, which had the answers ;)


Thanks for your comments and glad u liked the post...hope to cya around often:)

Insignia said...

Heights of creativity!!!
What statements and the poor chicken..

Thoroughly enjoyed it :-) Well done!!

Rohit said...
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Vinod said...

wow..I mean WOW! this is totally cool da! loved it!

Rohit said...

Yeah ..the poor chicken and it did was cross the road! This used to be played at schools way back and also I guess in some offices as one of those "team builiding activities"..Thanks so much for your comments :)


Hahaa..who's this ? welcome ..welcome ! good to c u back. but then ..I don't recall u being a man of few words ever! ..

grace said...

I am so glad that I dropped in here and had a gleeful end to a more or less mundane day.
Brilliant wit combined with keen observation and pithy expressions - a recipe for a perfectly wonderful post.
Kudos to you!!!
Looking forward to more humor from you.

Abhilash said...

you are super boss!!!

It was really wrth a read...

my comments on the chicken..

"Hi please see left and right while crossing the road. I hope you told your mother that you are returning home today?"

Rohit said...


Welcome to Square cut:) and hope to c u around often. Thanks for your comments .glad u liked it.


hehee..nice one ! Thanks for your comments dude.

R. Ramesh said... swapna says..truly a bull's eye comedy..haha..cheers buddy..nanni..evvade ellam sugam..cya..

A S said...

wow! amazingly creative indeed!!

poor chicken, we, the poor aam janta are the chicken actually!

Devil Incarnate... said...

Lol... tat was too gud........ i am sure most of them wud hav told the same...
u hit the bulls eye..

Rohit said...


Thanks buddy for dropping by and welcome to Square cut:) Cya around..


Thanks :) Yeah..pretty much true..hehee.we are teh chickens here..they might as well start a poultry farm!


Hey.. I like the name :) ...welcome to square cut and hope to c u around often.Thanks so much for ur comments.

PassionMust said...

Lolz..Deadly 1...!!! Really really god..i still cant stop laughing @ robin sharma,bill clinton,SRK etc etc!Very cool man.
P.S:u missed laloo prasad.

kish said...

hilarious man, kudos!

Antarman said...

too good, best was Raj thackerey, Obama, Rahul gandhi and operation manager:)

Rohit said...


Welcome to Square cut and hope to cya around often:) Thanks so much 4 ur comments ..yeah missed laloo prasad ..wil bring that up in part 2;)


Thanks dude :) and welcome to square cut..cya around :)

Welcome to Square cut and hope to cya around often:)

Yellow Tulip said...

he he...:)...good one:)...

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

hahaha wow...loved this 1 completely...

Haddock said...

That was a good one.
Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Urvashi said...

This was really a nice one...been to ur blog for the first time..hada really nice time..happy blogging :)

$.RYN.$ said...


Sreejith Kumar said...

Hey Rohit:

My best wishes to you for a great new year!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

It was a nice laugh.. initially I thought it must be a forward posted on blog but apparently it does not look like that..

BTW, I didn't get the one for Jagjit Singh -

//You should have advised the chicken to first look to its left, then right and to its left again before crossing the road//'

Why is that??

Anonymous said...

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